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    How to use multiple "Track Motion" and  "Stabilize Motion" trackers.


      I am very new to After Effects. I have looked all over for hours trying to find an answer to this question with no luck. I'm sure I am just not using the right search terms.  I have a video that is make up of 3 different clips.  What I add a stabilize motion tracker to it, it wants to apply it to the entire video across all three clips. Each of the three shots have different tracking points.  Is there some way I can specify that the first tracker only applies to the let's say first 30 seconds, then add a second tracker for the middle clip with it's own tracking point, and then a third tracker for the end? 


      All I can think of to do is take the video apart into it's 3 sections and then apply the tracker each one. When it is done I could then combine them into one video. Not the easiest though.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.