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    in actionscript 3.0 how do i make a nested movie clip button go to a frame on the main timeline

    super waffle Level 1

      I am making a website based in flash actionscript 3.0 i have a button nested in its own movie clip, because I have the button expanding to be able to read it i have figured out the only way to do this is by creating it as a movie clipa nd inside the movie clip creating it as a button

      I added an event listener to the blog button by saying,




      function gotoblog(evtobj:MouseEvent){




      this part of the code works it goes to the 2nd frame of the timeline it is in and stops wich is a blown up version of the origanal symbol

      i added on frame 2 a second command




      function gotoblogpage(evtobj:MouseEvent){


      trace("the blog button was clicked")



      i have named the symbol blog and have name the frame of where the blog page is going to be "blogframe" this line of code at the bottom is where i run into trouble the output window in Flash is saying "The blog button was clicked" just like i want it to. no errors are accouring why than is the playhead not going to frame "blogframe"? if the button is working when i click it the code is right i belive the problem here is it does not want the playhead to go to the frame i want it to. So i gues my question is, how can i make a button withing a movie clip interact with the main timeline?