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    iOS performance: landscape vs. portrait


      Hi All,


      I have a test app running on iOS (iPhone 4) that uses bitmap data and the copyPixels API to fill the screen with pixels.


      I believe I'm seeing a large difference in performance when running in landscape vs. portrait mode (I copy the same number of pixels in both tests).


      In portrait mode, I'm hitting 50 FPS. In landscape mode, I'm seeing around 30 FPS. There is nothing in my scene except a single bitmap which I use to show the pixels, and a small text field I use to show the FPS counter.


      Also, I'm noticing the performance decreasing when switching my render mode from "cpu" to "gpu".


      My questions:


      #1) Should I expect to see these kinds of performance differences between landscape and portrait?

      #2) If not, any ideas about what I might be doing incorretly to cause the performance drop in landscape mode?

      #3) Any ideas why performance would decrease in gpu mode? (i.e. is copyPixels() a poor performer in gpu mode?)


      Thanks in advance!