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    PE8 in a 26 Computer Lab of New HPi5-64bit 8Gb-W7-Crashing/Sluggish/Wont Launch




      I hope somebody is familiar with this problem and can offer a solution that I can forward to my school district's tech support, because it's near imposible to teach video editing with PE8 in its current state.


      I teach AV Production Tech and Graphic Design at a public school in Texas. We just got a brand new computer lab with 26 new HP Z-something's...not sure of the number but they are i5 processors with 8GB of ram running W7 Pro at 64 bits with nVidia...again..I don't know the numbers (I'm typing from home. . ) but they are very fast video processors with as much ram as you can get, ordered specifically from one of the HP Ad's on Adobe's website . Everything else Adobe runs splendidly and lighting fast - even real time 3D video in Photoshop! But. . . Premeire Elements 8 is close to being completely dysfunctional. On the computers where it doesn't crash (as often), it runs horribly sluggish.  This happens regardless of project specs. Even NTSC DV project files without any video at all - just titles and text - clunks along painfully slow with frustratingly long lags between clicks, drags and other mouse commands. And then, typically on 3 or 4 other random computers in the lab there will be one or both of the following problems: 1) You can't launch the program at all. It acts like it's going to launch, but then gets stuck in the taskbar and you can't get it out, or 2) Everytime you try to enter text, it crashes entirely. I  guess I should ad a 3rd and that would be crashing for no appearant reason at all.


      Needless to say, this is extremely frustrating for the students and makes them want to give up, since it is the only editing system we have. I'll be polite and not say here what it does for the teacher.


      My tech has reinstalled PE8 with all the latest updates on the many occasions I have put in a trouble ticket, yet the problems still exist.


      I can't imagine why PE8 won't run well, or at all, on these machines like all the rest of CS5 Design Premium does. Could it be due to all of the network filtering we have in our district? My district has the strongest lock-down on computer systems I have ever experienced.


      This is extremely frustrating because the only thing our techs do is wipe and reinstall.  I can't type up trouble reports all day long each day because I don't have the time, but if I were to do so everytime a machine with PE8 crashed or would not launch, I would be busy all day doing just that.


      I hope there's a simple fix to this!


      Thanks in advance


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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I would start with this ARTICLE, and see exactly what can be done to tune the OS, and the computers for PrE and video editing,which is very, very taxing on all system.


          Now, depending on the lab's network setup, there can be major problems with video editing over a network. For those, Adobe T/S will be a good bet.


          Good luck,



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            nealeh Level 5

            As Bill says we get very few reports of success using PRE across a network. It also doesn't help that PRE8 was generally considered a bit of a disaster - even when running standalone.


            You don't mention the configuration of your hard disks - they can also aggravate problems if you don't have a lot of free defragmented space (minimum for success is 30GB - I go for 60GB).


            Another PRE8 issue was the auto-analyzer that takes over most of the CPU activity.


            You say that your Tech Support have installed all 'updates' - ask them to confirm that this includes the latest graphics and sound drivers from the manufacturers web sites (nVidia in your case for graphics). And the latest Quicktime player.


            And do work through the article Bill referenced.


            I'd also be inclined to query with your IT suppliers why, for new HP machines, they provided an out of date version of PRE. PRE10 has been out since 19th September 2011. And, assuming you procured educational licenses, I'm surprised that's not the version you received.


            Maybe, to alleviate the frustration of both tutor and students, you could teach some basic principles with something like Windows Movie Maker.


            Also download the PRE10 Trial version and see how that works on your systems.






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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I think these articles are about Premiere Pro... but the concepts are the same


              PPro and Premiere Elements must run on a single computer, with program and all files on that computer's hard drives


              You should have PrEl on the boot drive, with Windows, and all video files on your 2nd 7200rpm hard drive... using only one hard drive is not going to work very well


              You should NEVER partition a single drive and attempt to use the partiton for video files


              Win Server is NOT supported http://forums.adobe.com/thread/851602

              Not in a Network environment http://forums.adobe.com/thread/771151

              -and not on a "domain" http://forums.adobe.com/thread/858977