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    Weird Photoshop Issue....


      Hi gang, sorry to bother you but I'm having an issue and I've Googled and Youtube'd but still can't find an answer.


      I'm on Mac Pro system using PS CS5 Ext. I'm working on a picture with about 15 layers. When I use a hotkey, for example if I click the "B" key to jump to the brush tool, PS will jump to that tool but immediately jump back to the previous tool - it won't stay there. It will stay there only if I use "shift + B" or if I manually click on the brush tool using my mouse/pen. Same thing if I click on the "S" key to jump to the clone tool or "H" for handtool etc..etc..etc.


      I just noticed today that this happens when I use CS5 or CS4 on the same computer. However, if I open the file on a different computer using CS4, the issue is not there. At first I thought this was a Photoshop issue but now I'm not so sure - maybe it's a computer problem. I actually suspect this is operator error and that I've inadvertently changed a Photoshop setting but I can't figure out how to fix it : /


      Here's my setup: Mac Pro | Two 2.8GHz Quad Core Intel | 16 GB RAM | OS X Snow Leopard | Two 23" Apple Cinema Displays


      Here's a Youtube vid of the issue that I just made. Have any of you seen this before???