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    loading data into a pdf

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      I was using CF7 to query data and load it into pdf file using the XPAAJ java library from Ben Forte's blog. It was simple, and it worked very well. Then along came CF8 and LiveCycle ES. XPAAJ was free, but LiveCycle ES is not free. LC ES does much more than loading data into a pdf and costs quite a bit, but is probably worth the money. Because a small part of LC ES does the same thing that XPAAJ did, the CF8 upgrade knocks out XJAAP almost completely. (I got it back by stopping the CF8 application service, starting the CF7 application service, then restarting the CF8 - I don't want to run like this for very long).
      I may eventually get into LiveCycle, but for now, does anyone know of something like XPAAJ that can load data directly into a pdf, or a Form Data Format (FDF) file?
      Thanks Scott