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    Ram Preview Needs 2 or more frames AE CS5.5 Windows


      Hey Guys I've been having this issue for a month now. I've been on most of the forums with no solutions.

      I am trying to play my compositions in AE( Version 10.50.253)  with ram preview and i've been getting the following error.


      My Work area is extended for the duration of the timeline and the sequence is 1:02secs.

      The footage that is being used is all text(Credit Sequence) with no video, stills etc.

      However I have tried compostions with different media with the same results.

      Comp settings.PNG

      I currently have 32gigs of ram all of which is allocated to After Effects and I've also tried different combimations with the same results.


      Lastly I tried importing footage (.Mov with a PNG wrapper and I've gotten this error).

      I've have Quicktime Pro installed with the pro res encoder...

      Damaged or Unsuportted.PNG

      Can someone please help, after reading all the forum notes on this problem nothing seems to work.