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    event.target not working when inside Browser

    Leena Jain123 Level 1

      Hi ,


      I have a Form which works standalone but does not work when embedded
      in a browser.
      I have a hidden button whose click has to be fired from within another

      Basically I want to submit the File as PDF to an ASP page and using
      event.target to get hold of the PDF for submission.This works in
      Reader but not when inside browser.

      Thanks and Regards,
      Leena Jain

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          Srini Dhulipalla Level 5

          What code you are using to sumit as PDF? I have not done submittion to ASP page but done to a Servlet earlier.

          In that scenario, we were submitting the XML data from the form to Servlet.


          If you place the button of type Submit, then you get the option to change it to Submit as PDF (check the Submit tab of the properties).

          In the preSubmit event, you can execute the code to submit to your ASP page.


          this.resolveNode("#event").submit.target = "PROVIDE URL HERE";


          Hope this helps..