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    InDesign CS5.5 for EPUB - better or worse

    Felipe - dualpixel Level 3

      I would like to know the opinion this forum about some "features" of InDesign CS5.5 to produce EPUB in comparison as the last version CS5


      First - Break Chapter


      Now, I just can choose one paragraph style to break chapter. In CS5 I was be able to choose the first level TOC, one, two or else styles... more flexibility I think.


      Wish - I would like so much break chapter in more that just one paragraph style, is possible?


      Second - footnotes goes to the end the chapter


      Now, again, the footnotes always goes to the end the each chapter (XHTML file) instead of the end of book. alike CS5 behavior.


      I have just one inDesign file. If I want all foot notes in end of the book. I can't divide the book by TOC..Very bad. Imagine my hard work to divide one book with 1000 pages.


      Wish - I would like so much divide my books in InDesign and get all footnotes in end of the book, how the same was it in CS5 version. Is possible?


      These changes don´t improve my works with eBooks, because, now, I need to do more steps to get the same results that I had with InDesign CS5.


      Anyone knows some workaround to solve these "problems".


      PS. I know that CS5.5 has good features to help us to produce better eBooks, but these two situations are very bad


      I thanks any help

      kind regards