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    Creating simple slideshows - is Catalyst the right tool?


      I am a photographer and I want to create a slideshow of 100 images or so to promote my business. I was doing this with iDVD and it's simple - but doesn't support HD and has no provisions for a "Ken Burns Effect". I've used iPhoto and it does everything I need, but can't really burn a disk of the slideshow that works on PCs or Macs (that I know of). I am fairly proficient in Photoshop.


      Here's my needs:

      - drop in a series of photos

      - create an order of the slides

      - a simple transition between slides (could be just a fade)

      - be able to do a manual Ken Burns on each slide (define start position and zoom / end position and zoom). So as that image is displayed it is moving somehow.

      - automatically fit the slide duration to a mix of music

      - burn a disk of that slideshow in HD (1080p or 720) give it to potential clients - they should be able to pop it into their Mac or PC and be able to play the slideshow just as I created it.


      So is this something I can do easily with Catalyst? Is there a tutorial specific for this kind of need? Is there a better app for this kind of thing?