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    Two Adobe accounts problem




      I hope you can help my with this frustrating problem. I have a Sony Reader prs-350, and have the Sony Reader software installed on my Mac. Recently Until recently I had been buying ebooks and downloading them on to an old computer using the Reader software without a problem. A couple of months ago I bought a new computer, and installed Reader on it. when I bought a new ebook a few days ago, the software prompted me to sign in to Adobe with my ID. Being a DRM novice, and having forgotten I already had an Adobe account registered to a different e-mail address, I signed up for a new Adobe account, and dowloaded the ebook to my reader. Unfortunately, this meant that all my previous ebooks were no longer accessible, as they were downloaded using a different Adobe account. I deauthorised the new Adobe account from my computer and e-reader, and re-authorised it again with my old account, but this now means I can't access the new book I bought. I contacted Adobe support and asked them to invalidate my new Adobe account, leaving me with just the old one, which has turned out to be a mistake, as I still can't access the book I bought recently with the now invalid Adobe ID. All in all, a sorry state of affairs!


      Could you advise me as to whether there's any chance of me being able to transfer my recently purchased ebook to my original Adobe account, so I can access all of my purchased ebooks at the same time, or will this not be possible?


      Thanks very much for your help,