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    file deletion


      While it was helpful to change the doc setting to 1, this is not really the problem as I see it. I downloaded an innocuous PDF file to my computer. It did indeed replace the first file. However, if I right click that file name in reader X, I have no options. if I go to the bar at the top of reader X and select edit, undo, redo, cut, copy, paste and most importantly delete, they are "greyed" out. I can delete the pdf on my hard drive, but it does'nt disappear from the "open a recent file" section of the reader X main screen. Once I delete a PDF file  from my hard drive, selecting it in reader X states file not found. That makes sense because the file was deleted, but why can't I delete the file directly from the "open a recent file section of reader X? As a side note, if I access a PDF file on the internet, it opens fine and never shows up on the "open a recent file" section.