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    Burning DVDs


      I have had my old Cine films transfered to DVDs now I would like to edit those DVDs and make some copies in NTSC format and some in Pal format do I get this choice with Premiere Elements? Also because the DVDs are from an old cine camera is it easy to add some sounds?

                                                                           Thanks Mickymow.

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          While having the cine footage transfered to DVD-Video is not the ultimate route (having the telecine work done to DV-AVI files and delivered on either a DVD-Data, or on an external HDD, or transferred to miniDV tape, if one has a miniDV tape camera, or deck will be the ultimate).


          Now, you will want to set up your Projects as PAL DV for those PAL Projects, and NTSC DV for those NTSC Projects.


          As you are coming from DVD-Video, when you go to Import via Get Media, you will want to use the HDD Camera choice, so that the Field Order is correct. I would Copy the VIDEO_TS folder and files, from each DVD-Video, and then Import the VOB's from there. As each DVD-Video will have the very same folder name, VIDEO_TS, I would create a root folder with an easy to understand folder name, such as DVD_01, and then Copy the VDIEO_TS from the disc, to that. The VOB's, that you want to Import, will be inside the VIDEO_TS folder under those root folders.


          This ARTICLE might prove useful, before you start, as there CAN be issues when Importing VOB's. If they are 100% DVD-compatible, they should Import just fine. If they are not, then one will need to rip the VOB, and that article goes into more detail.


          Now, if the format of the telecined DVD-Videos is PAL, you will need to adjust things for the NTSC Projects, and with the FPS difference, one might notice a less than perfectly smooth playback. Same if those DVD-Videos are NTSC and you are placing them into a PAL Project. Probably the best way to handle that FPS difference is to Import the VOB's into the desired Project, and then in the Project Panel (where you see your media - not the Organizer), Rt-click, choose Interpret footage and alter the FPS there. Note: one of our valued contributors, Neale, is in PAL-land, but works with both NTSC and PAL, so will likely have some great tips, when working between TV Standards.


          Good luck,



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            Thanks very much.