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    Rendering Live Video for Internet Consumption. Premiere CS5

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      I'll ask the question, give some backround, and ask again:


      How can I make my video sizes smaller without compromising the quality too significantly?


      I am working on a project that must deliver 15 minute packages of video at a time. The presenter is at a white board, delivering a lecture. I used Flash to make a little intro and outro thats about 10 seconds long each; rendered them as an AVI from flash, and loaded them into premier.  I am recording with a Sony HXRNX5U at 1920x1080. Because I want to deliver content to all users on all platforms, I have opted for jwplayer. To ensure that Iphone/Ipads as well as laptops and desktops are able to view the content, I've found myself stuck with using h.264 formats (MP4). I am not developer savvy enough to develop pages that can ask the user what device they have and give them a different page per device. Im keeping it simple; one video file, one page per video, all hosted on an amazon site.


      The problem I've run into is storage. These files, even when rendered at a much smaller resolution (680x382) are costing upwards of a gigabyte. Gigabytes necessitate wifi; actually, any file size at this point is going to necessitate wifi. But more importantly, streaming a file that is a gigabyte just isnt going to work for some (most) users.


      And listen, I am a novice. I've got this powerful resource at my fingertips and have been, at times, overwhelmed. The videos look great, having developed some skill in navigating the workspace. But the problem is that if I can't get these file sizes smaller, no matter what quality the initial film, I wont be able to share it with anybody. Currently, I am using Amazon S3 to store the files and host the static website. Files are streamed through JWplayer. The website is a work in progress, and we have not launched yet, so I'd rather keep examples hidden. 


      So here is the question again:

      I have 1920x1080 native footage being rendered as MP4 format already reduced to 680x382 and my file sizes are too huge (0.5GBs) Is there something I should be looking at to get these file sizes smaller?