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    c:\windows\system32\mcvcr71.dll modified by Adobe

    nik b.



      I have seen a couple of XP SP3 systems in our company which have a modified runtime library "msvcr71.dll" in their c:\windows\system32, differing from the dll delivered with a fresh XP installation.

      As a result the SAP setup for example fails because it detects the file to differ in size, tries to replace it and fails because it is in use.


      StateVersionDescriptionSizeModification dateDigital Signature
      original7.10.3052.4Microsoft C Runtime Library348160 Bytes21.02.2003no digital signature
      modified7.10.3052.4Microsoft C Runtime Library353680 Bytes06.06.2011Adobe Systems, Incorporated (Issued by VeriSign Class 3 Code Signing 2009-2 CA)


      I have seen that modified DLLs with various sizes are bundled with programs like Acrobat 10.0 or Dreamweaver CS5. But in those cases, the files are always located in the program's corresponing installation folder and have a digital signature by Adobe/Verisign. While a modified DLL in a program directory is fine with me I wonder if it really was intentional to modify the dll in the "c:\windows\system32\" folder.


      Unfortunately I could not pinpoint the issue to the installation of a certain Adobe product.

      Has anybody else experienced this issue?