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    charting memory problem - caching of instances

    ljonny18 Level 1

      I am using an AreaChart and I have a refresh button that when clicked refreshes the AreaChart with new data from an XML file.

      on each refresh I am pushing a new series to my AreaChart. I am using a custom series that extends the default series and adds 2 vars to it (very simple).

      I am experiencing memory leakage on my refresh.

      After profiling the App I noticed that the number of series instances are incrementing each time and are never decremented - the Garbage Collection never seems to collect these series items.

      I reviewed my code and I cannot see anywhere that the previous series could be referenced (restricting them from collection).

      after looking deeper into the application profile, I noticed that a cache is referenced on each series which I believe may be keeping it from being garbage collected. I also noticed a strange " instanceCache" assigned to the series again I don't really know from where and for why... could this be causing my problem.

      I am quite sure that it is the incrementing series instances that are causing the memory increase on each load as it all adds up and fits with the profile data etc....

      what I don't know / understand is why these series are not being disposed of, and what is keeping them / referring to them - could it be these mentioned cache issues????

      can these references be manually disposed of freeing the series for collection???

      Has anyone else experienced such behavior??? could anyone point me in the right direction to resolve this issue???

      any help / advice is greatly appreciated on this one!

      Thanks again,