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    Is it possible to create web-like drop-down nav buttons?

    tinsnip Level 1

      I've been trying to design a web-like interface for a PDF presentation from ID CS5. The navigation bar runs along the top of a landscape document and consists of 6 buttons to specific pages/sections of the presentation. It's pretty easy to make simple rollover buttons that highlight when the cursor rolls ove rthem and then take the user to a specific location. However, there are two of the main nav buttons that have subtopics that would be nice to link to directly. So in those cases, the user cursors over the button and a submenu bar with individual links would appear beneath the main nav bar.


      What I'm encountering is that when I make the main nav bar button and have it show/hide the submenu it works fine except that when the cursor is moved down to the submenu, the top (main) rollover returns to its original state. What I'd like to do is cursor over the main (top) button, move the cursor below it to one of the subtopics and have the top rollover stay highlighted to match the submenu.


      Anyone have any ideas about how to make that happen?


      For an example of what I'm trying to describe (and achieve) here's a link to a Chicago Tribune page that show the effect in their navigation bar near the top of the page: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/