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    Color Check for Accessibility




      When testing a PDF for accessibility (Full Check for Accessibility), what does the Color check box test for?


      Does it only test that a color is being used for a selection? Or does it test for contrast between color and test?


      I’ve heard of some people testing for accessibility with the Color check box deselected, and would like to know what impact that would have on the accessibility test.

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          CtDave Level 6

          "Color check" is associated with the Section 508 option of Full Check.

          Section 508's 1194.22 (c) correlates the the portion of WCAG 1.0 (depreciated by WCAG 2.0) that, basically, tells us not to use color to convey meaning.

          One adverse consequence of doing this (using color to convey meaning) is that it can/does prevent understanding of content if one is color blind.


          The only way to assure this is not an issue is to properly master content in the authoring application and to validate by doing a V&V of the PDF content.

          Currently, this cannot be done with confidence by programmatic approaches; it requires the "warm body" look-see.


          So, yes, not having (c) color ticked  won't be a problem.


          Be well...

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            cspirko Level 1

            Thank you, CtDave. That clarifies.


            And I see in  my original post I mistyped. It should read "Does it test for contrast between color and text."


            Much appreciated!