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    Help with batch processing JPEG to png with drop shadow

    Yensen Level 1



      I am constructing a website for my partner in Dreamweaver.


      She has a lot of photographs for her gallery and I am trying to record an action that resizes a JPEG, processes, adds a drop shadow then saves it as a PNG.


      To do it without automation I do the following:


      Create a 240x160 transparent layer

      Open a JPEG, resize it to 230 wide then paste it to the layer

      Add the drop shadow

      Save it as PNG


      I can record the action but not in such a way that the outputted filenames inherit the name of the JPEG used.


      This is because it wants to use the name of the layer I paste into (untitled-1), not the JPEG's name.


      If I try to add a layer to the photo, I cannot resize the transparent layer as it's empty.


      Can anyone help me get round this problem?


      Thanks a lot.