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    javaScript rollOver trouble...

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      I cannot get this to roll over and reveal the swap image. Works on other pages but not this one...newcolor.jpg is the new swatch color. newcolorphotograph.jpg should be revealed when the newcolor.jpg swatch is hovered over. the original image  on display (at all times) is called originalphotograph.jpg:


      <br clear="all">

      <img src="../images/shared/newcolor.jpg" name="sub2" hspace="0" vspace="0" border="0" align="left" id="sub2" onmouseover="roll('sub2', 'http://mysite.com/images/shared/newcolor.jpg', 'sub1', 'http://mysite.com/images/newcolorphotograph.jpg')"

      onmouseout="roll('sub2', 'http://mysite.com/images/shared/newcolor.jpg', 'sub1', 'http://mysite.com/images/originalphotograph.jpg')" valign="bottom" oversrc="../images/newcolorphotograph.jpg"><br clear="all">



      In head, it calls upon the correct script include to perform this task. Is something "off" here?