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    Pesky Media Cache Files Won't Behave!

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      You guys sick of me yet? I've posted over 23,000 things on here today.   It's feast or famine with me.


      I had all my media cache files going to a particular network drive called "MediaCache".  I had the "save media cache next to originals" box UNCHECKED to force it to the network location.  Things have been going fine for one year.  Now I'm chaning our workflow around a bit and want Premiere to go back to its default mode of saving them next to the originals.

      No problem, I think.  I just click the little box again and call it good.




      The bigger cache files DO get saved next to the source clips, but the little dinky ones still save to the old folder "MediaCache".  These are not the database files as I have those being saved to a folder called "Database."


      What in the world?!?  Ok, no problem.  They are small files anyway and they won't mess me up too bad, I tell myself.  So I leave the checkmark on and assign a new folder for the dinky files thinking that that must be the "when possible" part of the check-box coming into play.


      But guess what!  No matter WHAT I do, those pesky media cache files act just like my kids and won't go where I tell them.  They still go in the OLD "MediaCache" folder instead of the "New" folder I assigned them to.  I restarted PR, restarted Windows, and those buggers still get saved to their old folder EVEN THOUGH there are no longer any references to that old location in any of my settings/preferences.


      Any ideas how to make either my kids or Premiere CS5.5's media cache files behave as they should?  A clue for one thing might be a clue for the other.

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          Not sure if this helps shed any light, but they are all PEK and IMS files that won't behave. 


          But NOT ALL PEK files.  Some of them are writing next to the originals (source) just fine. 


          The ones that are writing next to originals are:  CFA, ~half of the PEKs, QTINDEX.

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            I think I got part of the problem fixed, albeit not figured out.  For all you parents out there, sorry.  I haven't gotten the kids' part of it worked out yet, but I did get Premiere to stop writing the cache files to the wrong folder.


            I was deleting the cache files from the "MediaCache" folder to force PR to write them to the new location (next to originals). I never deleted the MediaCache folder, just the files inside.  I don't know why, but somehow if Premiere sees the folder still there it will write some of the cache files to the old location (maybe for sentimental, nostalgic reasons?  Who knows?).


            Once I deleted the actual folder itself, Premiere didn't try to recreate it.  It simply gave up and decided it was time to move on with life.


            FYI in case anyone else has this prob in the future.