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    Two Qs: Retrieve time/date & projector remove "close" button

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      Dear All,

      Two different questions with regards to lingo's abilities:
      1) How can I get through a script/lingo a server's date and time? I want not to rely on the PC's clock (the user can change it) but instead get the time/date remotely to make sure it is right. I am thinking of getting a string from a web page the same way as getting the IP address from (whatismyip.com) but I can't seem to find any web pages that have some kind of automators.

      2) Is it possible to remove the X, "close" button from a projector window so the user cannot close it? I have seen some xtras that can do that but they are not free and I am hoping there is an internal director way to do this?

      Thank you for all your help and ideas. You have been very helpful in my previous questions :)