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    How do I change the scratch disk?

    davidn46 Level 1

      How do I edit disk ? - I'm getting the "disk is full" warning.


      How do I edit scratch disk ?

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          I like that you used a big, easy to read font, but you didn't use quite enough words...


          Please list the OS and Photoshop version you're using.


          • Are any of your disks actually full?


          • If you can open Photoshop, you can configure the scratch disk preferences in Edit - Preferences - Performance (in recent versions of Photoshop that is).


          • If you can't even open Photoshop, you can set your scratch disk preferences by pressing and holding the Control and Alt keys (or their Mac equivalents) immediately upon cold-starting Photoshop.  You have to be very quick, and if you're quick enough it will prompt you as follows:





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            davidn46 Level 1

            Thanks Noel,


            I was able to releave the crowding on my hard drive by putting a bunch of data on my external HD.

            That way  I was able to save the image I'd been working on.

            But I still havenot been able to edit my scratch disk...getting mesg"scratch disk is full"


            I'm using snow leopard 10.6.8

            I"m using PS CS4


            I'll follow your directions now...just wantd to get back to you...let you know.

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              Bo LeBeau Level 4

              If you can open Photoshop, and it seems like you can, just go to the Preferences, Performance, and you can adjust the Scratch Disk settings.

              You can change the order of the disks used with the up and down arrows to the right.


              Of course, you have to have an additional disk(s) running at the time to be able to configure them.




              Noel, thanks for that info about changing scratch disks while starting up.

              I didn't even know that one.

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                Noel Carboni Level 8

                Sounds like you need to get an additional disk or maybe a bigger one.  Constantly fighting for more space gets old in a helluva hurry, and hard drives are relatively inexpensive in the grand scheme of things.



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                  davidn46 Level 1



                  Already did what you image captured.

                  Off loaded a load of stuff to my external HD.

                  Gave me breathing room

                  The thing I'm not able to do is edit my scratch disk as was suggested by one of the many prompts.

                  How do you edit a scratch disk?





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                    Noel Carboni Level 8

                    You have to specify a scratch disk.  Presumably you don't have more than one disk in your system, so Photoshop uses the system disk, and you won't be able to edit the setting - only one disk is valid - what would you change it to?


                    There has been some discussion about whether an external drive can be a scratch disk.  I know that on my Windows system it can, but perhaps the rules on a Mac are different.  I have run across documentation before that states only internal drives are allowed, for performance reasons.



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                      PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                      Only non-removable disks are allowed, it all depends on their drivers.

                      David, you do get that message at startup, or when trying to crop? if the later, check the units, you might be cropping to a 800x600 inches document, hence the error message.

                      Did you check if there was any remaining scratch/temp file on the drive? (It should be deleted when Ps starts up)

                      When Photoshop is not running, search for TEMP####, where # is a number, and delete that file.

                      How much free space do you have?

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                        postrophe Level 4



                        For decades, I format my (mac formatted ext. drives) in 3 "partitions", OS clone, main content, scratch space. I can, this way choose the empty "scratch partition" without interfering with the other partitions. Just don't use multi drives (raid array) for this.



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                          my photoshop won't even open and I tried doing the control + alt (option) but nothing worked.

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                            If I cannot move my albums this means that every time I change computer (say every three years) I will have start from scratch. Is this the case also for the latest version 18 and if so how do other people cope? It took me ages to organise all my photos in albums. Could you please let me know if I am correct? Further I have a lot of photos with captions organized in albums on my current laptop running Elements 10. I want to copy them all to a new laptop with Elements 18. If I just copy the photos I loose all the organized albums and other info. Is there a way to copy all the photos with captions and people recognition organized in the relevant local albums?


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                              I'm in the middle of a project in photoshop and can't do a single thing. I'm a university student, I have no idea what a "scratch disc" is, what it was used for, or that it even existed until I got the error saying that my disk space was full. I only have one scratch disc.. I assume it's a default one that came with the software? I have looked all over Google and haven't found a direct answer on how to ADD another scratch disc. Is it something I have to purchase through the Adobe website? According to this forum, it looks like I can add one if I exit out of photoshop, re-open it, and quickly press Control and Alt keys before it fully opens? I cannot close photoshop to try that because this error is preventing me from saving my work. I don't want to lose everything I've been working on. How do I add more disc space without closing out my photoshop software and without losing any form of progress on my work?

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                                Tech Comm Tools Adobe Community Professional

                                On your system you need to either

                                • clear space on your hard drive
                                • replace your current hard drive
                                • add an external hard drive


                                If you're in a pinch, while not ideal, you might use a multigigabyte thumb drive as a way to "instantly" add a drive that can act as your scratch disk. Then set your preferences to use that thumb drive as a scratch disk. That should allow you to save any work, but using this as a permanent solution is not in any way recommended!!!!



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                                  Tech Comm Tools Adobe Community Professional

                                  See my "response" above...I answered before moving your post out of moderation.