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    if, else and elseif commands


      So just for clarity of if, else and elseif....


      Lets say I have enetered a simple math equasion typed out in my program (see below)


      var a:iunt = 5;

      a = a + 5 * 2 + 20; //answer is 40


      I then could add an if and else statement (see below)


      if (a == 24) {

      trace ( "The Answer is 24" );



      else {

      trace ("The Answer is not 24");



      Where I get confused is the elseif statement. Btw is their a space between the word else and if? How do you write the elseif statement (what would the code look like if I wanted it to say "The answer is less than 50" and for that sentance to be true?