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    Downloaded Book Will Not Transfer to Nook

    Book and Cigarette

      I have done everything properly according the the instructions. I then borrowed three books from the library. All of them downloaded into my ADE software on my computer, but only one transferred onto my Nook. Every other book I try to transfer, it starts transferring, then says there is a problem, and could not be downloaded.  Epub files .acsm and .pdf both.


      A couple of things that might be significant.


      It was a new computer, so I changed the time in between setting everything up.

      I did not start the activation process, and someone else tried to figure it out before me, so I went in and changed the user name and password for my Adobe username.



      That is it.  I am at my wit's end trying to figure this crazy thing out, and am ready to throw it out the window, and get an old fashioned book...but I know it will be worth it.


      Thanks for any/all input.