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      off line/unavailable filles will be replaced with offlline gaphics




      no Burners detected 

      these are preceded with a hyellow trkanglle with a !

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          Have you installed any UDF packet writing software (e.g. Nero InCD, Roxio Drag-to-Disk, DLA, Roxio Burn) ?





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            Neale has addressed the most common issues with the burner. This ARTICLE has more detail, and another program, or two, that can hook the burner at bootup.


            For the Offline Media, see this ARTICLE.


            Good luck,



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              julius49 Level 1

              read it but it did not work

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                some media filres are offine

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                  Did you look at the Media Offline article? Did anything pertain to your case?


                  Good luck,



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                    how do you search Premier for  help


                    for exp ARTICLE

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                      what do the little squares mean

                      i only see them inm the  cartoon slides

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                        This image will show you where to enter your Search criteria"



                        If, after you do the first Search, but need to filter that down, choose Options.


                        Good luck,



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                          the_wine_snob Level 9



                          Can you help us a bit. Exactly which "squares" are you talking about? Where do you see them?


                          Good luck, and thanks for that info,



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                            i need to now i can copy a pict-reso so z can show you the squares

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                              i do not have nero or roxio

                              i erase any referenxe to dvd


                              the .little squres are very little

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                                OK, maybe this ARTICLE will be helpful at posting screen-caps.


                                Good luck, and we'll be looking for those squares.


                                Good luck,



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                                  Dear Hunt,


                                  I am Julius's wife.  I am trying to help him transfer his slideshow over to a DVD.  When we open Share, we chose burn DVD.  On line 1 we chose DVD.  On line 2 we chose burn to Disc. On line 3 we chose Liz for the Disc name. On line 4 the computer would not let us enter anything into burn location. Line 5 says copy 1.  Line 6 says status, no burner detected.  Line 7 is half way visable but we can not scroll down.  We are stuck.  I have read your materials and am trying to understand.  Julius has erased cyber link writer which comes with the HP computer.  Where do we go from here.


                                  You should know that Julius had a brain tumor removed 4 years ago and has trouble typing on the computer now, but is still very computer literate.


                                  Sincerely, Betsy Edlavitch

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                    Dear Betsy,


                                    Thank you for helping out here.


                                    When choosing Burn to Disc, there is not going to be a location, as you have chosen to burn to the disc, in the multi-drive/burner. However, in your case, it seems that the computer is not seeing the burner, or for some reason, PrE is not being allowed to see it. There can be several reasons for this, but the most common is that some other program is "hooking" the burner at bootup, and telling the OS that it is really an HDD (Hard Disk Drive). Then, when PrE is started, the OS reports that there is no burner, so PrE does not know what to do. It cannot find a burner, because of the action of that other program, whatever it is.


                                    The most common culprits are programs, that perform packt-writing operation, which is often referred to as "Drag-and-Drop." Nero and Roxio each have such an operation, through their InCD, or DLA modules. These allow one to treat a blank disc as a HDD, so that one can then use Windows Explorer to just drag and drop files to the disc, to Copy them over.


                                    Neither Nero, nor Roxio, are bad programs (actually a suite of many programs), but each program's packet-writing modules keep programs, like PrE, from being able to access the burner. I have parts of Nero on my computers, as some of the programs within the suite are useful. However, when I installed it, I made sure that certain modules were NOT installed. In the case of Nero, I chose not to install InCD, the Nero drive/file moitor (then called a "Watcher") and also Nero's cataloging module. Everything works with all of my Aodbe programs, and without the InCD module, the OS sees the burner as a burner, and all of my Adobe programs can, and do, use it.


                                    I also have CyberLink suite on that computer, but only installed exactly what I wanted. Same for GEAR Pro Video. As I did not allow any other program to install packet-writing modules/programs, I have no issues.


                                    Nero and Roxio are not the only possibilities. Windows has a CD/DVD burning function. Normally, it just sits dormant, but if is invoked, can cause the same issues. I never invoke it, and if some other program does, I go to the built-in Windows utility MSCONFIG, and turn it OFF. I do not want any program, or module, loading at bootup, that might hook the burners (I have two on the workstation).


                                    The accounting program, Quicken, has a feature, that can get in the way too. It is called Backup to Disc, and allows one to do accounting backups to blank CD's in the burner. Quicken does not have the capability to burn to a CD built-in, but will first look for Nero's InCD, or Roxio's DLA, and if it cannot find either, will then invoke Windows Disc Writing module, which will then run at bootup. Besides telling the OS that the burner is a HDD, it also tells the OS that rather than a multi-drive/burner,capable of writing to DVD, or CD, it is now ONLY a CD burner, so all DVD functions are turned OFF.


                                    That is probably only a partial list of programs, that can interfere with PrE burning to a disc. If one is computer literate, my suggestion would be to consider first is Nero, or Roxio installed, and if so, are their packet-writing modules, InCD, or DLA installed. If so, I strongly recommend that Nero, or Roxio be completely uninstalled, and that a Registry cleaner be run. Then, one can reinstall the program, but this time do a Custom Install, so that they can pick and choose which modules get installed, and make sure that InCD, or DLA are NOT installed. Once, that was not possible - it was all, or nothing, but both programs added Custom Install some years ago.


                                    Next, if one has Quicken, I would check to see if the Backup to Disc has ever been invoked, because if it has, then some packet-writing function will have been invoked too.


                                    If everything is still coming up negative, from the Start button, I would choose Run and type in MSCONFIG. When that little utility launches, look in the Services and the Startup tabs, and see exactly what is being loaded at bootup. There is a great chance that the problem is coming from one of those. Many of the listings under Services, or Startup, are pretty clear, what they are, but not always. Some are pretty obscure, and one might have to Google the ones, that they do not recognize. You can uncheck the problem program, or process, and then reboot. There will be an info screen that will popup, informing you that some things designed to be loaded, have not been loaded. On that screen, there is also a checkbox to Not Show This Screen Again. Do NOT check that yet. Go ahead and boot, then test everything, to make sure that some function, that is needed, has not been turned OFF by mistake. At every boot, that screen will pop up, but just bypass it, until all testing has been done. If all works fine, and suddenly PrE DOES recognize the burner, then at the next bootup, you can finally check that checkbox. One neat thing about MSCONFIG is that the programs, processes, modules are still listed, but they are now unchecked to load at bootup. That is why we kept that Not Show This Screen Again unchecked. It is our "safety net," as so long as it pops up, if we have encountered a problem with what we have done, one still has the MSCONFIG utiltiy to go back in, and change things - all one would have to do is reboot, if Windows fails to load properly, or some program ceased to run. So long as that pop-ip screen shows up, just as we launch Windows, it provides us with a way to "go back," and change things. That is why I would keep that showing up, until ALL things have been tested thoroughly, and then, and ONLY then, check Do Not Show This Screen Again, and you will not be bothered again.


                                    Now, and after only a few 1000 words, there can be other reasons for PrE to not see the burner, besides packet-writing software. First is the burner and its connection. If all possible software causes have been explored and none is the problem (most commonly, they are), one would go to Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager and then the DVD/CD-ROM drives area, and check to see if Windows is showing any problems, and if it recognizing that multi-drive/burner. If, when clicking on the DVD/CD-ROM drives line, under the General Tab, it says, "This device is working properly," then there is one more possibility - the firmware on that multi-drive/burner.


                                    Now, the firmware is tough to know, but I recommend a little free program, ImgBurn, and you will hear more about it in a moment. ImgBurn is first a CD/DVD burning utility, but it has two other useful utilities built-in. Becasues ImgBurn does not rely on the OS to interface with a burner, but goes into the system at a mechanical level, it hooks into the burner itself. ImgBurn will tell you what the firmware version is. Then, one would go to the manufacturer's Web sites and see if that model burner has a newer firmware update. This next step is VERY IMPORTANT - there will be instructions for installing the firmware update. These change, burner model by model, and by manufacturer, and might even change, firmware update, by update. They MUST be followed 100%, or the burner might basically be killed, and it is likely that it can never be recovered, without sending it back to the manufacturer. I recommend printing out the instructions, reading them, until one fully understands each step, and then that they download the firmware update, and follow those instructions 100% - no deviation, what so ever.


                                    Now, let's get back to ImgBurn. As it interfaces at the mechanical level, and does not care what the OS thinks the burner is (it knows, because it connects at the lowest level, well below the OS), it can usually burn a disc, where an Adobe program cannot. What one would do would be to Burn to Folder from the Share Tab. With that selecion made, one would then have the ability to tell PrE WHERE that folder will go (the line that you could not change), and then PrE will create the VIDEO_TS Folder, where you directed it, plus two other folders. The VIDEO_TS is the important one - the one we will use in a moment. That VIDEO_TS Folder will contain the IFO (Info), BUP (Backup) and VOB (contain all Menus, navigation and then the spanned MPEG-2) files.


                                    One benefit of Burning to Folder is that one can then test the DVD, before committing to a blank disc. To do that, one would need a DVD software player. I use CyberLink's PowerDVD, but there are others, like the free MediaPlayer Classic HC. The DVD software player will see that DVD almost exactly like a hardware, set-top DVD player, hooked to a TV, will, so one can test all navigation, and playability there. When all tests well, one can use ImgBurn to do the physical burn to blank media. One additional benefit is that with ImgBurn, one can alter the Burn Speed down - within reason, slower Burns = better quality. PrE does a little test, and chooses the fastest burn speed, based on the burner's speed, and the speed of the blank media. I like to burn at a lower speed for quality, and ImgBurn will allow one to do that.


                                    Here, let me put in a plug for the brands of blank media. I am a big fan of ONLY using high-quality blank media, and Verbatim, or Taiyo-Yuden, or Falcon Pro, are the only brands that I will use. Some mfgrs. buy the cheapest blank media that day, and then rebrand it. Memorex, recent Ritek, recent TDK and all "store brands" do that. ImgBurn can actually peek behind the logo, and tell you who physically made that blank disc, plus its lot number. One might be surprised who actually made each Memorex disc on a spindle of 50 - maybe 5 different mfgrs.!


                                    That gives you and Julius some things to look into, and I started with the most common issues. However, if you hit a deadend, but the multi-driver/burner still functions otherwise, I've given you a good workaround, and actually one that I normally use, because of the ability to actually test the Project via a DVD software player. Just the ability to alter the Burn Speed is enough for me to use that method, though it shows up here as a "workaround." There are benefits to doing things that way, besides just getting the Project done.


                                    I hope that the above will be helpful, and if not, please let us know, where things went wrong.


                                    I understand, vicariously, what Julius is going through. My wife is the President and CEO of St. Joseph's Hospital and The Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, AZ, USA. Besides some of the greatest neurosurgeons in the world, she has built, and fairly recently opened a great Neuro-Rehab tower. She is also the Chairman for The Barrow UK, a foundation to support Neurology and Neurosurgery in first, the UK, but also all third-world countries. Almost every day, she sees the patients, that have gone through The Barrow. As several of my charities support St. Joseph's, The Barrow and The Barrow UK, I often get to meet the wonderful people, who have been helped. Yes, I completely understand. Julius had shared a bit of that with us, but, as you know, the typed communication left us often confused. Thank you so much, for taking the time to go into detail, and hope that I was able to help in some small way.


                                    Good luck,



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