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    Has my Indesign suddenly gone crazy in making epubs? Doubling chapters.


      I have CS5.5 with the latest updates.  I happily made several epub books last year, but beginning in December, I've begun to have a problem.  Has there been some update that might have caused the change?

      Anyway, I build my book by putting each chapter into a different document, then put them together with the book function. I designate each chapter title with a paragraph style "chapter title."  Then, after hitting export to epub, I select to break the book at "chapter title."  Before December, this worked just as it should have.


      Now, however, I get double chapters - the first has no text but does contain html, and is designated (for instance) Chapter 1.  The second is designated Chapter 1-1 and contains the text and html.  WHy is Indesign doubling the chapters like this?