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    Double profiling printing from in InDesign CS5 to an Epson 7800

    Patrick Baldwin

      I had to print a collage of 28 images on one page. In the InDesign print dialogue where you choose the colour management in the options field in colour handling it says let InDesign determine Colours which is unachangeable, certainly on my machine. Under that it suggests you pick the printer profile that you wish to use. When I do this the print is all washed out and pink. I'm aware of the conflict warnings if you try and set stuff in the Mac print dialogue. However trying this I get this error message once I come out of the Mac dialogue and press print in the InDesign dialogue: "Printing error: The Adobe Print Engine has failed to uotput your data due to an unknown problem." Two things: my friend doesn't get this error message and can print away. I finally solved my print problem by choosing Adobe 1998 as my printer profile in InDesigns colour management dialogue!.

      My Mac is on 10.5.8 and my friends is on 10.6.8 so there is that. I'm also aware that its possible to get lucky with some files using Adobe 98 as a print space because I used to do it all the time years ago before I ever knew about colour management so I'm not convinced I have nailed this and using Adobe 98 as the printer profile in InDesign just seems stupid. I printed a single image through Photoshop that forms part of the collage and it perfectly matched my colour managed workflow.

      If anybody has any ideas i would be very grateful To hear them.

      Regards. Patrick.