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    Clicking a Paragraph Style Does Not Apply Style to Text

    Cubed Root Sound Level 1

      I just switched from a PC to a brand new MacBook Pro (OSX Lion 10.7), and I bought InDesign CS5.5. I have been using CS4 on a PC for a couple of years and had no issues. For some reason, I cannot apply Paragraph Styles by placing my cursor in the text and clicking the Paragraph style. It highlights the clicked style for a moment, and then de-highlights all the styles, but does not apply any changes. The only way I can apply a Paragraph Style right now is by right clicking the style and selecting "Apply..." from the drop down menu. It's very puzzling. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this. I also have Microsoft Office: Mac 2011 installed on the laptop if that makes a difference to anyone. Any help would be greatly appreciated, since I typeset and edit for my living, and this problem is slowing me down a bit.