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    How do I save a transparent image for the web and forums?


      Hey I am trying to make a signature but why does this always come. I want a plane signature with just TEXT and no background but photoshop keeps adding the Matte thing on the background. This only happends when i use blurs. This is what i'm trying to do.


      I want the signature to have no background so it goes in with EVERY forum. So here is the thing. The first picture is how it looks like in photoshop and after i save it it turns out like that and looks like that on the forums and I don't want it too do that. I just want the plane signature without the background at the back. Here's the picture. I know the matte can change the color of that but i don't want the matte there. forum has different skins and i want it to blend in with each one.



      That's the pic. first one is the one i want and the second one is how it turns out when i save.




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      I really want to learn photoshop, I've been watching guides and they've really helped. I have a vision and I could see a lot of creative designs i just don't have the ability to make them so help would be really helpful. Photoshop is a really interesting and fun program and if i could get help to learn more about it, it would be really nice.