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    Trying to Create a "Centerfold" Page

    AlCPorter Level 1

      I am currently running CS4 (Indesign v6.0.6) on an iMac (v10.6.8). I'd like to be able to have the two center pages as "one" (so I can place the Town's map onto it - we've just gone to 5 precincts and there's a  need to show them to the residents). I don't want to split the map between the two pages, but rather have the two pages become one large page.


      I have searched for combining pages and haven't found anything. Has anyone done this before.


      Your help is appreciated.


      Regards, Al Porter (volunteer editor of the Ashland Directions - Ashland Mass.)

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Search the help for gatefold or island spreads.





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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            If the map fits on two pages, and you want it to be the center spread, and this is a folded and stitched (stapled) booklet (which is what I think you mean when I read your post), then you don't need to do anything special at all (in fact if it fits on two pages you can do it anywhere, but the center spread is the best choice because the entire spread actually DOES print on a single sheet so there will not be any alignment problems across the page. Just place the map across the pages.


            On the other hand, if the book is perfect bound (glued together like a paperback novel) or spiral or comb bound, then you probably want to use a fold-out map, as Bob suggests. Again, this could be located anywhere in the document, but does require some special handling at the printer, so be sure to discuss this with them before you do anything. This kind of "extra page" spread is either going to be a separate file that gets inserted during binding, or it can be built in the document by setting a spread not to shuffle and inserting a page, then dragging the new page into the non-shuffling spread in the Pages panel. If you do this, remember that the fold-out has a back side and you'll need to have a corresponding island spread for that, which you might want to leave blank.

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              prepress girl

              For a tabloid newspaper, you should just be able to place the map across the two pages, no extra fuss necessary.

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                lilia@ Level 2

                I think you may need to supply more detail. Here goes anyway...


                If you have 2 ID facing pages with a map across both and require to print in the newspaper.

                My experience with newspapers is that they require 1 page document that is the width of 2 newspaper pages with the gutter included.

                Quickest fix: Select all > cut > resize page > paste and place where you require.

                NB resizing with objects on the page causes them to move and you may end up with objects off the pasteboard.


                If you have 2 ID facing pages with a map across both and require to print to PDF.

                File > Export > Save PDF... in the next dialogue box TICK spread and ensure your page range is correct.

                This creates 1 pdf file that is both pages wide.


                Hope I didn't misunderstand too much.

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                  AlCPorter Level 1



                  Thank you for the reply.


                  My newspaper is 20 pages, so page 10 and 11 are in the center. If I was to "lay" a .pdf file (the map), wouldn't it be only on one page (or the other)? And if it spreads to the two pages, wouldn't there be a break between the pages.


                  I am not very knowledgable in indesign, but have tried a couple of things (island pages) without having the success I'm looking for (that is the map going from the left edge of page 10 to the right edge of page 11 without any blank/cut in the middle).


                  Does that make sense?


                  Regards, Al

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                    lilia@ Level 2

                    So you have a 20 page document for a 20 page newspaper, where page 10 and 11 are at its centre yet they are still 2 seperate pages.

                    Is your document facing pages? If so, then the 2 pages should appear in your Pages Panel next to each other with NO gap between them.

                    You should be able to place 1 PDF across both pages.


                    If your document is not facing pages, then you need to make it so or do the below suggestion.

                    File > Document Setup > TICK Facing Pages.


                    For outputting: File > Print booklet ... this allows you to print (to a printer or PDF) with the pages in pagination order.

                    I.E 1/20, 2/19, 3/18, etc.


                    If the above doesn't help, my suggestion is to then create a seperate document that is the width of 2 pages and place your PDF on that.

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                      prepress girl Level 1

                      Nope—if your document is set up as facing pages, 10&11 will be right next to each other, and you can place the artwork in one piece across both pages.


                      How are you supplying this to your publisher? As an InDesign file or as a PDF? If you are in any doubt, call the publisher and ask how they would like the file set up.

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                        Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                        OK, I didn't catch the bit about this being a newspaper. That may complicate things. You almost certainly won't want to run an island spread, even if your printer has the capability, which takes us back to the center spread. Whether or not it will be possible to do a crossover is going to depend on the technology in use to make the plates and their size. If each page is imaged on a separate plate it may be impossible to get a continuous map, even if you set up that way, due to a non-imageable area along the edge of the plate or a gap between plates when mounted on the press. You definitely need to talk to the printer to find out what they want you to do.

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                          AlCPorter Level 1

                          Thank you all for your information and suggestions.


                          I think, as Peter suggested, the first thing I need to do is to check with my printer and see if they can print the way I'd like to see the final product (a map across two pages without a gap in the middle).


                          Again, thank you all.



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                            lilia@ Level 2

                            Checking with your printer is ALWAYS the first thing you should do.

                            It's best to do the job right from the beginning then having to go back and adjust it... EEK!


                            good luck

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                              AlCPorter Level 1

                              I had checked with my printer and she said is would work.


                              The problem I was having was how to do it. I made the task harder than it should have been. I finally just place a .pdf file on the pages and it worked.


                              I didn't realize how easy inDesign made it for the user (me).


                              I've since spoke with the printer regarding the "gap/gutter" (between the pages) and was told "since I'm using the two center pages, the map (in this case) would be printed the way I wanted it to".