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    Help with Creative Suite 4 Master Collection

    adamsteele82 Level 1

      Hello my name is Adam


      I just recently started college and recieved the Creativeu Suite 4 Master Collection software for my Web Design classes. So I installed the software rebooted and ran Photoshop accepted the license agreement inputted the serial and clicked ok to activate. Nothinig happened, the software never loads. I tried with every application that requires the serial like Dreamweaver etc. Same with all of them they all ask for me to accept the license agreement and input the serial and then activate then when I click ok for the program to open absolutely nothing happens! So I researched the help faqs and support forums n stuff and found a few things to change permissions and delete some caches etc etc and reinstalled like 5 times nothing seems to be working. I am not stupid with computers by any means either. I know exactly what I'm doing, however, I can't figure out what the hell the problem is. So I just signed into my adobe account and registered the product online thinking that might work and nope, same story. If anyone has any idea what is going on can you please help me. My Intro to Web Design class started today and I have no Photoshop and that's the main subject of this class! It does sound like some kind of permissions issue or maybe something in the registry or something like that I have no clue all I know is I have a $1,500 piece of useless software installed! So please help me!