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    Does the video's FPS play a factor when exporting in a higher FPS?


      The reason i am asking is becuase by now i have a theory but i need it confirmed. the video i am using runs at 24FPS average but i am rendering out in 30FPS. now the issue that comes into play is the fact that the video and audio drift out of sync in parts and gets progressively worse as time goes on. is this because of my export FPS is higher than my video's FPS or is this a common issue with any type of exporting?


      Needless to say i don't need to state my specs as i have already ruled that out.(not pc illiterate) I know for sure this is a software specific issue due to the fact that i have no had this issue before till now.


      It might be an interesting fact to say that i am using cartoon animation and syncing live recording clips to the animation.