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    Images drop off on PDF in XML document




      I have searched the web and can't find anyone else having the same symptoms, so I thought that I would ask the forum.


      I have been creating a monthly catalogue of about 100 pages, with each page showing text and a product image for 12 products. We feed this an XML file, and the import is perfect, and we get a great file. However, when i export the file to a PDF, regardless of the PDF settings, a few of the images will drop off of the first 2 or 3 spreads, all in a row. The text will be unaffected, and the rest of the document is totally perfect.


      Interestingly, if I export just the first 3 spreads, 2 of the spreads will output fine, but the 3rd won't. Even outputting the spread on it's own will incur the problem. I end up having to recreate the page manually in a new document in order to get it to output.


      This happened in CS5, and it also happens in CS5.5 too. I am convinced it's something to do with how the image is anchored into the document flow, but then that doesn't explain why it looks fine in ID and the rest of the document is fine too.


      Any advice on how to solve this is gratefully received.

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          @Gavin – Without having access to the original InDesign file it's hard to say what's going wrong…


          Just for testing:
          did you try to print to PostScript and distill that to PDF via Adobe Distiller (comes with Adobe Acrobat Pro)?

          Possible workaround:

          There is a script  by Scott Zanelli (PageExporterUtility5.0.1.jsx), that can export your InDesign file page by page.

          Afterwards you can put your single page PDFs together through Adobe Acrobat Pro.


          Download Scott Zanelli's script at:




          InAcrobat Pro 9 see "File/Combine/Merge Files into a single PDF…"



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            Gavin1985 Level 1

            Thanks Laubender, the PostScript method worked nicely. I was using File>Adobe PDF Presets, which is how I've always done it. We are looking to use this same template more and more, so we will use the PostScript method in the future.

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              Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              @Gavin – the PostScript method is only half the answer.

              I suggested it for testing only.


              Be aware that you'll loose live transparency through flattening. So, if you have to export to, say, "PDF/X-4" you'll better use individual page output by the mentioned script and stich the PDFs together afterwards (if the printers demand one single PDF with all your pages).