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    IOS screen soesn't unpan after softkeyboard appears




      I am writing an app for IOS and Android using Flex 4.6.  Everything is working fine on Android, but on IOS after the softkeyboard appears and the screen pans, when the keyboard is dismissed the screen never pans back down.  The bottom half of the screen stays white and the top half remains shifted out of view.  I have been searching online and through my code trying to figure out what could be wrong and I've had no luck.  I have been running the program in debug mode, but no AS3 error messages are shown.  My trace()s are printed, and the app will continue to work but obviously you are unable to interact with the top half of the app.  Everything works fine if I set the softkeyboardBehavior in the XML to none, but then the user can't see where they are typing.


      I have only been able to test this on my IPod touch with IOS 5.0.1.  When I try to run my project in Flash Builders simulator neither the Android nor the IOS version will get past the splash screen.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated

      Thank you