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    Opening an Indesign file from server slows down [very urgent please]

    Green4ever Level 3

      Hi All,

      1. I have a book that is already paginated. (Every indesign file has hyperlinks targeted to the another indesign file (paragraph Anchor destinations)).
      2. After few days the server was crashed due to some network problems.
      3. Now a new server has been created with different name and path.
      4. If I try to open the indesign file it takes much much longer time than usual, For the same file if I disconnect the network connection it is working as usual.


      What is the cause of this? Is there any way to overcome this issue or any work around? At the same time I need to retain the hyperlinks also. Because it is very very difficult to re-create the links (more than 100 or 200 number of links will be there in every chapter).


      Note: I have tried something like trashing indesign preferences. It is also not working.