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    How to redraw itemRenderer

    Maximist Level 1

      Hallo. I need a little help. I have my itemRenderer which is a textInput+ComboBox .. When user interact with them i change the content and then i need to redraw my itemRenderer.. I do it with this code:


      var mioItemRenderer:IFactory = list.itemRenderer;

      list.itemRenderer = null;



      list.itemRenderer = mioItemRenderer;


      This cose works good but i lose the tabIndex cause if user was ad line 10 of the itemRenderer he will begin from the first line because of my code above.. Do i have a way to redraw my itemRenderer without lose the focus in the line??

      I hope you can help me..



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          ShardulSingh Level 3


          For changing the content dont set the item renderer to the null.It is a one time process to assigning the itemRenderer to any component.

          You should make the change in the data when you are interacting with it.Change in data should automatically reflected in the list.





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