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    Time Line Bar


      How do you keep the time line (red line) moving as it stops after some time?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Are you talking about the CTI (playhead)?


          How it performs depends on how powerful your computer is, what format of video you're editing and how your project is set  up.


          The ideal way to keep the program performing efficiently is to match your project settings as closely as possible to your source footage. When youv'e done this, there will be no red lines above your clips when you add them to your timeline. Is this happening with your project?


          When you do see red lines (as when you add transitions or effects) ALWAYS render your timeline (press Enter). When those red lines are green, you should not have any problems playing back your movie on a reasonably powerful computer.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            If the CTI is not playing the Timeline, and you have Rendered the Timeline, per Steve's tips, it could be that the system is having issues drawing the Frame Thumbnails. Try turning the Thumbnail display off, by toggeling the little "film strip" in the Video Track's Header. You can set that to display All, First, First & Last, or None.


            As Steve points out, if one's Project Preset matches their Source Footage, and if one has Rendered all Effects, Titles, Overlays and Transitions, the Timeline should play smoothly - but try with the Thumbnail Display turned OFF, to see if that is the problem.


            Next, this ARTICLE starts with a checklist on getting PrE to run best, and then goes into tuning up the OS and the computer, and finally troubleshooting articles.


            Good luck,



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