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    Master Pages not cooperating


      I have an InDesign template set up so all my paragraph styles, page numbers, page tabs headers etc are on my master pages. I then go in and type in my information page to page  - I am running into a problem when i delete one of the pages - all of a sudden the master page template appears behind all of my work - any tips/help?
      Much appreciated!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          That's waht happens when you add or delete an odd number of pages on a facing pages document. The following pages switch sides and any master objects are rebuilt. You can reduce the pain by only adding or deleting in multipls of two, by not using master text frames and only putting objects on the master page that need to appear on multiple pages but won't require overriding (placing text in a master frame overrides it) or editing, or you can look at the AutoFlow Pro plugin from In-Tools .com that tames this behavior.

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            lilia@ Level 2

            I think you need to supply more information.


            Every document page is 'hinged' to a particular master page... and the reason for using master page objects is so that they DO appear on your page.

            If you find that you are deleting master page items on a page-by-page basic, perhaps consider creating a new master page with less or no objects and applying that to the necessary pages.


            Sorry if I got this wrong, but I do feel that more information is needed in order to give you an exact answer instead of possibles.