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    Digital Signature Issues


      Hi, I am brand new to this forum, But this is my second question. I am running Abobe Acrobat Pro 9.0. 


                I have been tasked with making a document that is Digital Signature ready.


                I was able to make a digital signature for my document.  However, I have two warning that come up.


                     Once the document is signed, a blue bar shows up at the top of the page. It has the following statement: "At least one signature has problems, Please fill out the following form.  If you are the form author, choose distribute form in the forms menu to send it to your recipients"


                      When expanding on the yellow triangle, There is one green check mark (with a statement that says: "The document has not been modified since this signature was applied".


                          Two warnings show up:

                           1)  "The signers identiy is unknown because it has not been included in your list of trusted identities and none of its parent certificates are trusted identities".

                           2)  " Signature date/time are from the clock on the signers computer".


                     George, I have not been able to paste the Javascripts from that freeware into my Adobe program.  I am not sure if it is the permissions set in the Adobe program or the restrictions my company has with altering computer software.



                Is there something that I might be able to do to remove the warnings?     




                Very Respectfully: Rossknechtt,

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          For #1, it will always show that for self-signed certificates that you have not yet chosen to trust. When you add the identity to your list of trusted identities

          and choose to trust it as a trusted root.


          For #2, it will say that unless the time was retrieved from a timestamp server when the signature was applied. So what you're seeing is normal if one was not used.


          More information on all of this is in the Acrobat Help document.