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    PRS-650 not recognised by ADE - HELP!


      I recently downloaded Adobe Digital Editions to enable me to read an ebook downloaded from the library. I imported this book into ADE and it appeared in the library.

      However, I want to read the book on my Sony PRS-650 and although the device shows up on my computer it does not appear in the ADE bookshelves.

      I registered with adobe and authorised my computer.

      I am working on an Mac, and following the advice on these forums I registered my ereader with the Sony website, setting up new account. I then thought that the advice online suggested I should have used my Adobe ID to log into the Sony site, so I deleted my account (which used the same details) and tried logging in with my Adobe ID, which didn't work.


      I also tried to click on the arrow next to the Library in ADE and Authorize computer, but there was no sign of the ereader and a box popped up telling me my computer was already authorised.


      Have you got any suggestions about how to proceed with this and get my ebook reader recognised?