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    There is not nough mempory to import the file


      Hey there,


      I know that this error was already discussed by I'm afraid the posts couldn't help me.


      Here's my system:

      MAC OS X 10.6.8

      4GB RAM DDR3

      2.53GHz Intel Core 2 Duo


      During the last month I'm editing a documentary of about 25 minutes.

      Yesterday I finished the edition and exported the whole movie as an JPG sequence (Quality 26, 300x169) to keep it small.

      Now I wanted to import the sequence to export an small video for the sound designer, but I got the error "there is not nough mempory to import the file".


      The whole documentary was shot on the panasonic gh1. after having problems with the direct edition of the .mts-files I changed the files to an AppleHighRes 422 codec.


      What I don't understad is that I can't even import a single file of the jpg sequence.


      For me there must be another solution than ad more RAM, at least I edited a ewhole documentary in HD and now I can't even import a file with the dimension of 300x169?


      I'm really looking forward to your answers.


      thx a lot