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    sdk 3b Remote Objects not working with java 1.6.29

    eabowler Level 1

      So I am not sure if this is java specific or if there is anything in Flex I can do.


      I am working on a project that communicates with the java back end via the AMF channels / Consumer objects and Remote Objects. Usking SDK 3b


      In Java 1.6.26 and java 1.7 it works fine.  However in java 1.6.29 The remote objects seem to not get called/communicated/execute on the java server side. 

      Interesting thing to note is that the consumer/AMF feeds are still able to function.


      Was there any change that Adobe has documented that may have caused this to happen when they changed the java version? or any solution around this as a requirement is to use 1.6.29?