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    Images load and shakes screen


      My SWF loads external images from an XML file.


      The problem is the layout shakes up and down as each image is being loaded into the grid because the images are bigger in size than the thumbnail "holder" they are being placed in. They are bigger so when you click on a thumb and the layout zooms in, the images won't be pixelated.


      I added all the images to the library of the fla file and exported in frame 1 but it didn't solve the shaking. Preloader worked, but images were still loaded in and then shrunk down to size.


      How can I keep the SWF from loading the images then shrinking them. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          after loading is complete, smooth your thumb and then add to the stage at an integer x and integer y.

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            musicismything Level 1

            Thanks for your response... the images are loaded dynamically through XML.


            Here is the code for loading the thumbs... what section would I apply visibility to? Also, the smoothing, not sure where to apply it. I will look up bitMap.draw(), thanks.




            // loadThumbnails

            function loadThumbs(list:Array):Void {


                // set stage size



                // create holder

                var holderMC:MovieClip = createEmptyMovieClip("holder_MC", 1);


                // populate images

                for (var i:Number = 0; i<list.length; i++) {


                    //attach item to the holder

                    itemMC = holderMC.attachMovie("item_MC", "item_MC_"+i, i);


                    // size of the loader panel

                    itemMC.loader_MC.panel_MC._width = thumbWidth;

                    itemMC.loader_MC.panel_MC._height = thumbHeight;


                    // put thumbnail



                    //item name

                    itemMC.name = list[i].attributes.name;


                    //thumb links

                    itemMC.thumbLink = list[i].attributes.thumbLink;


                    //item number

                    itemMC.n = i;


                    // events


                    // over

                    itemMC.onRollOver = function(){

                        // fade in

                        ZigoEngine.doTween(this.loader_MC, "_brightness", 0,1 ,"easeOutExpo");


                        // tooltip if set to true






                    // out

                    itemMC.onRollOut = itemMC.onReleaseOutside = function(){

                        //fade out

                        ZigoEngine.doTween(this.loader_MC, "_brightness", -50,1 ,"easeOutExpo");


                        // remove tooltip




                    // press

                    itemMC.onRelease = function(){


                        // if theres thumbLink

                        // open link without zooming

                        if(this.thumbLink != undefined){

                            getURL(this.thumbLink, "_blank");               


                            // stop movement

                            movingNav = false;


                            //record last Stage Width and Height

                            lastStageW = stageW;

                            lastStageH = stageH;







                    //put number if enumerates is set to true


                        itemMC.numero_TXT.text = (i + 1);




                    // type of sorting

                    if(sortType == "v"){


                        // Sort Vertical//


                        // pos

                        xPos = xIni+(thumbWidth+thumbMargin)*count;

                        itemMC._x = xPos;

                        itemMC._y = yPos;


                        //change row if stage is shorter than row length

                        if ((xPos + thumbWidth)>stageW) {


                            //reset count

                            count = 0;


                            // reset xPos

                            xPos = xIni;


                            // change row

                            yPos = yPos+thumbHeight+thumbMargin;

                        } else {

                            // inc count


                        }// if



                        // Sort Horizontal//


                        // pos

                        yPos = yIni+(thumbHeight+thumbMargin)*count;

                        itemMC._x = xPos;

                        itemMC._y = yPos;


                        //change column if stage is shorter than column length

                        if ((yPos + thumbHeight)>stageH) {


                            //reset count

                            count = 0;


                            // reset xPos

                            yPos = yIni;


                            // change column

                            xPos = xPos+thumbWidth+thumbMargin;

                        } else {

                            // inc count


                        }// if

                    }// tpye of sorting


                }// for


                // put holder for loaded big image

                imageMC = createEmptyMovieClip("loader_MC", 2);


                //start moving only the first time


                    movingNav = true;       



                //enter event for moving

                holderMC.onEnterFrame = moveNav;


                //then center



                // put fixed mas for holder

                // if s not set to full screen





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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              the first problem i see is the is no panel_MC in your load target once loading starts.  so, setting that width/height does nothing useful.

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