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    Fatal error on Premiere Elements 3.02 when loading any project (new ones included)


      Has there been any recent reports of problems with 3.0 on Vista?  I set up a new project, imported three DV videos totalling 100 minutes.  Later, I added two JPEGs and a short MP3.  Shortly after the additions, my system completely froze and had to be powered down.  When it came back up, PE gave me the "serious error has occurred" message shortly after it loaded any project, even brand news ones that had just been saved.  I did a Repair from the Control Panel and then complete CHKDSK overnight, but PE seems to be completely messed up and cannot load any projects.  Any ideas?


      This is Vista 32 SP2 on a dual-core 1.86 Mhz with 2 gig RAM.  Thanks for any input...