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    Using Photoshop to Edit Clips

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      After working a bit with PExx and PrePro with an eye for production work, it seems obvious that some complementary apps and widgets are handy to accomplish a finished product. I count Photoshop among these. I recently came across a teaser video that introduces the clip editing feature in CS5. I had no idea this was possible.


      So now I wonder... is Photoshop a better venue for “tweaking” video whatnots prior to final production rendering in PE or PrePro? For example, I create masks in Photoshop that I reference in PE. Maybe it’s better to import an MOV created in PE into Photoshop and mask the clip directly within, then reverse for final production. Another example might be color & contrast grading, blurring, fine detail manipulation... the list goes on. I am much more familiar with Photoshop than either PE or PrePro, and I’m intrigued by the prospect of using either NLE more or less to snip and composite clips that I’ve edited in Photoshop.


      Information on this notion is scarce, and frankly there’s very little in this forum and elsewhere about this capability in Photoshop CS5. Comment, advice and referal from the PE and PrePro illuminati on this matter is welcomed.

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          Photoshop-Extended has some good, albeit limited Video capabilities.It can only Import and Export some formats/CODEC's. Working in PS-Extended, one is basically doing Rotoscoping, or Frame-by-Frame adjustments, but that is tedious. Here is one such TUTORIAL.


          For CC (Color Correction) work, like Color Grading, PrPro, or Adobe After Effects, will be better programs. Here is a TUTORIAL for using After Effects and Photoshop.


          Now, I use Photoshop to create Mattes (masks) for use with Effects, like Track Matte Keying.


          For more advanced Keying, you might want to see this TUTORIAL on After Effect's RotoBrush.


          PrE has some Keying, Track Matte Keying, and some limited CC Effects, but if one is looking into making a profession of CC and Rotoscoping, PrPro, After Effects and Photoshop-Extended would definitely be the way to go. They are all included in the CS 5.5 Production Premium suite, along with Illustrator, and OnLocation, plus Encore, a full-featured authoring app.


          Good luck,