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    Hard Drive Failure - Rebuilding RoboHelp Project


      Without going into the gory details, the hard drive on my work laptop crashed and all data was lost, including important RoboHelp project files, as well as the files from the installation of the application itself.


      Of course, I should have been backing up my project files, but since I didn't get around to doing it, I'm stuck with trying to ressurect one of my most important projects, in particular.


      My proposed solution:

      1. Re-install RoboHelp 9.0
      2. Create a NEW project.
      3. Copy the output files from the most recent published Help.
      4. Reverse-engineer the original project, importing the HTML files one-by one, rebuilding the TOC, tweaking CSS and/or HTT files, etc.


      My question/discussion item:

      Given I didn't back anything up, this seems like my only viable option. However, just in case I might be missing something or someone else has a better idea, feel free to sing out.



      As it is, I'm also thinking of installing my RoboHelp application (basically TCS 3.0) onto a network location, but I'm unsure how problematic this might be. For now, I'm the only person using RoboHelp and I think we only have the one license.