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    page, masterSpread vs layer

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      Thats a beginner question...

      Layers is property of Document, right? Pages, spreads and masterSpreads doesn't have this property.


      So if there is a 3 layers in Doc and some stacks of PageItems set on, say, masterSpread[0] - 20 pageItems on every layer  - so there is 60 in total inside a Doc.


      Doc.layers[0].pageItems.length == 0 and Doc.masterSpreads[0].pageItems.length == 60 (in this example).


      How to create collection of pageItems from Doc.masterSpreads[0] but only from a Doc.layers[0]?


      I can create an Array when open for...loop and push pageItems which pageItem.itemLayer.name == "name"

      but is there a simple way to refer to collection of object in one line?