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    Disabling Code...Insight?...Tooltips?...What are these?

    Aegis Kleais Level 3

      (Using CF Builder 2 on Win 7)


      Assuming I'm using the right phrases since I'm new to this editor, but Code Assist, I like that.  When you type part of a tag and it gives you the option of tags or attributes/etc.  I don't want to disable that.


      But my mouse rests over code and up pops these light yellow background blocks of text that can be varying in size and are appearing so often throughout my coding that it is fast becoming annoying.


      For example, I rested my mouse over a CFFUNCTION tag and it says:



      Description: Defines a function that you can call in CFML. Required to defined CFML component Methods.


      They all end with the same notice "Press F2 for Focus".


      Is there anyway to get rid of these things?