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    colored circles appearing into view using an expression instead of keyframes?

    designer_xyz Level 1

      Hello and thank you for your time,


      I'll explain this as simply as I can,

      I have a comp where a satelite is orbiting the Earth (the Earth is my comp space). The Earth is also in rotating but much slower. The satelite is one comp, and the Earth rotating is another comp. The orbiting satelite is looped, the Earth comp is rotating is looped - all is good there.


      Everytime the satelite makes a complete orbit around the Earth, at a specfic point on the comp space of my choosing, I would like to add a colored circle. So it would look like that circle appears into view.

      So the colored cirlce would appear into view, onto the comp (Earth) and follow the slow and gradual rotation of the Earth as it moves from left to right. The satelite would continue to orbit fast.


      However I would like to perform this action of "add coloured circle onto Earth" perhaps 100's of times and at specific points.


      The most important challenge here is : how can I perform this action using expressions so that I do not have to keyframe hundreds of colored circles appearing into view one at a time?


      The second important thing is : how can I position these colored circles in a specfic pattern laid out over the Earth and not in a random fashion?


      Thanks again!